FSOL 48. Polaroid 85 ‘Fuzzy Mornings’

Like all good music discovery, first hearing Polaroid 85 took us on a journey back to a time when the Quantic Soul Orchestra and the Tru Thoughts label ruled the world. During this time we learned so much truly great music existed which wasn’t on the radio, it was an exciting and highly rewarding time as a music fan, the more

Saint Motel. ‘Benny Goodman’

LA Indie Pop four-piece Saint Motel have just released this incredible feel-good video for ‘Benny Goodman’, taken from their equally feel-good debut album ‘Voyeur’, released earlier this year. The video was directed by lead singer AJ Jackson and features two viral sensations combining creative forces – 7-year-old Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown and Derrick Tuggle. The concept for the

FSOL 34. Mahalia ‘Let The World See The Light’

Having a great voice is no longer enough. A great artist knows what to do with that voice. Mahalia a teenager singer songwriter from Leicester is already staking her claim to be a great artist. Composing and performing on both guitar and piano, Mahalia’s lyrics display a frank and direct honesty that belie her tender

#FSOL 32. Lillian Todd-Jones ‘Butter Soul’

“Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable.” So goes the famous quote from the author Douglas Adams, one of 23 year old Lillian Todd-Jones’ hero’s and muses. It would seem that Lillian has taken that quote all too literally in her life, with a background as a fire walker, stilt walker and

Artist Of The Week. Johnny Daukes

Multi-talented filmmaker, editor and singer-songwriter Johnny Daukes is perhaps the man of the moment. Constantly coming up with new concepts that engage even the most difficult of converts, he is not just one thing, but many. After directing and editing films for years, including work with MTV and the BBC, Daukes begun exploring the music

#FSOL 22. Bela Takes Chase ‘Eye Pennies’

This is simply outstanding. Introducing Bela Takes Chase and ‘Eye Pennies.’ With a voice that recalls Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra, Eye Pennies is a delicious slice of low-fi americana. The near whispered vocals are rich, hazy, delicate, fragile and sumptuous all at the same time. This is without doubt the first signs of love

New Music Monday. Introducing Cold Specks

                  The music that always grabs us the most, is cut through music. Cut through music literally stops you in your tracks, it silences a room and makes your heart beat a little quicker. These moments are rare and that’s what makes them exciting. Cold Specks aka Canadian singer