Music Marketing Planning Cycle

FREE! The Music Marketing Planning Cycle

This diagram is designed to provide unsigned bands and DIY musicians with a planning checklist to ensure every release is promoted in the most effective way. Take time to plan your release, give your music the best possible opportunity to receive the exposure it deserves. Don’t spend a year writing an album then rush it


The Red Red – Making The Video No 1. Curxes ‘Further Still’

Right Chord Music is delighted to introduce you to The Red Red, a Hampshire based company consisting of Jake Hawkins and Rob Luckins. The Red Red was founded with a simple aim to produce outstanding videos for outstanding music.  Each month they will be highlighting exceptional music videos and providing an insight into the creative


Rob Bridge. The Art Of The Image Pt. 3

Our resident photography expert Rob from redwood photography shares some of the band promo pics that have recently caught his eye. I’m a newly acquired fan of Macclesfield rockers The Virgin Mary’s following the release of their debut album, and on their site they’ve got a nice set of press images taken by the phenomenal

Rob Bridge. The Art Of The Image

Rob from redwood photography shares some of the band promo pics that have caught his eye during this week’s travels on the worldly wise web… Image number one comes from one of my fave photographers that I follow on flickr. Jon Siegel, an American photographer currently based in Singapore, creates fantastic street photography. All his


What Makes The Perfect Band Promo Picture?

We’re delighted to welcome Rob Bridge, from Redwood Photography to the Right Chord Music family. Rob is a photographer, writer and speaker with a specific interest in the music industry, promotional artwork and images. He works with unsigned and independent artists from across the globe. To kick things off Rob asks…”What makes the perfect band


Three Things Bands Can Learn From Brands About Customer Relationship Management

In the business world, a whole industry has been established around ‘customer relationship management’ or CRM. Fancy acronym, but what’s it really mean and how does it apply to you and your music career? In basic terms, CRM is a plan to understand and manage a brand’s relationship with customers. Using technology, this can get


What’s The Story? The Value Of Story Telling In Music Promotion

In this article Mark introduces the concept of story telling in brand advertising and shows how creating a story can help independent artists promote their music more effectively. The advertising industry began by creating advertisements that communicated simple product features and benefits.  This worked well, but as the number of products increased, it became increasingly


Eight Ways To Compose Music More Effectively

Today we have a guest blog from our friends at Make Music We’ve all been there. Struggling to come up with a melody or working out that perfect ending for your song. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of composing music, especially when you are working towards a deadline. This article contains a few


Where Is Everyone? Why Albums Make Little Sense For New Artists

When you first start out, the path to music fame and fortune seems pretty straightforward. Not because you necessarily know what to do, but because of what history tells you… Write some songs, play them live, and record an album. Then you get signed and fame and fortune flows.  The problem with this, is the

Conflikt Arts

Save Money On Music Production

Following hot on the heels of our partnership with distribution experts EMU Bands, we are now excited to announce a new partnership with Conflikt Arts who are offering Right Chord Music visitors a 5% discount on the cost to produce the following three products. Click the images below to visit the online shop and take advantage of these